Fighting Dream Killers: Sexual Assault, Pt 2/2 NSFW!!!

podcast interview about sexual assault in gaming communities

When the monsters of mundane society lift their fearsome heads in our dream, the chivalrous will fight them with all their arts.

Part two of our two-part focus on sexual assault in insular groups like the SCA. A perspective on false accusations based on their frequency according to law enforcement. The predator’s tool kit unpacked, at least a little. We discuss some of the effects the frequency of sexual assault in our culture may be having on all of us. Angela and I go through the current SCA grievance process and discuss step-by-step how it works for complaints of sexual assault, rape, and harassment. She offers specific advice for how to improve the process and explains how the current process fosters divisiveness within the society. We walk through how to judge your group’s preparedness for these issues and work to protect your organization legally and morally. We wind down by discussing how easy it is to cross the line, what to do when you realize you have, and how to know when someone truly is a predator.

Show Notes

We get started talking about false accusations of sexual assault and rape, and offer some perspective on how to think about the ratio of false allegations to absolutely true allegations against the sexual predators amongst us.

The Netflix miniseries The Keepers discusses grooming for sexual assault at length in the context of rape and sexual exploitation of minors by priests at a Catholic High School in Baltimore.

Grooming, love-bombing, and other forms of emotional manipulation are deployed by predators to trap people in abusive power and control relationships.

The “Lawsuit that Will End the SCA” obviously didn’t, but there are still so many things we can learn from what happened to make our dream safer for everyone in the future.

Some things never change in the life of a sex worker. A Poem I call “One More Piece” by Ahmad al-Tifashi from The Promenade of Hearts, a 12 c CE Berber poet, writer, and anthologist. Translated by René R. Khawam.

We get a little distracted by all the truly rapey things that happen in the mainstream Hollywood movies we grew up watching. I’m looking at you, “Say Anything”.

If you’d like to follow along, we’re examining SCA Governing Docs X.B.2.

When Will We Stop Elevating Predators” by Karen Kelsy, Chronicle of Higher Education (2018)

Red Tower 2018 in the Barony of South Downs is going to be an amazing event! The Courtesans of Meridies are throwing down with classes, entertaining, and clean-up duties. If you’re near enough to Rutledge, GA for a weekend trip, make it!

A hearty thanks to Lord Gideon Ap Stephen for allowing us to include his song “One Voice“. To hear more from Lord Gideon and the rest of the performers of the knowne world, check out the Knowne World Bardcast.

That is what predation is. It’s a systemic, organizational problem and if it is not dealt with on that level missing stairs and other predators are going to continue to exist in the organization.Angela Aylward

Harvey Weinstein and the Crisis of Complicity” by Sadie Boyle, Elle (2017)

Retired FBI Profiler and Prosecuter Jim Clemente explains why it is so damn hard for us to see the predators in our midst. While he is addressing the issue of child sexual abuse, the “Nice Guy” predator can be anyone, and may choose to victimize anyone over who they hold power.

The crimes of Larry Nassar are truly horrifying in scale, with a strong possibility that thousands of young people were victimized at his hands with the full organizational support of several different youth-serving organizations. Many of his victims tried immediately to bring his violations to the proper authorities and were repeatedly ignored.

Understanding the Geek Social Fallacies may help you get ahold of how you feel about and navigate social situtations in the various fiefdoms of geekery.

Imagining a Safer Space: Building Community and Ending Harrassment in Punk” by Lorena Cupcake, Store Brand Soda (2015)

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