Whores to Culture @ Virtual Courtesan College

Whores to Culture LIVE @ 1st Virtual Courtesan College

Whores to Culture is coming back with a bang, but we need your help, courtesans! What have you been up to? What have the courtesans in your kingdom been organizing? How are you staying sane while staying home? We want to hear from you, and so does the rest of the world! We want to hear what is happening in your corner of our dream.

I’ve heard through the grapevine or word of mouth about so many people joining KWC after listening to the podcast. Is that you? I would LOVE to hear from you (yes you!) and it would be amazing for our listeners to hear about how KWC has changed your SCA life. What have you learned? What have you been up to?

What to talk about.

Ok, ok, you’re thinking, what the fuck are we going to talk about, Lepida? Firstly, one of my goals for the podcast has always been to get every single courtesan in KWC to answer the 6 questions I ask every courtesan:

  1. Tell us about your persona. Who are they?
  2. What drew you to the SCA? How did you get involved?
  3. Why did you choose a sex worker persona? What drew you to this kind of persona?
  4. What has changed the most for you now that you have a courtesan persona?
  5. What is your favorite part of being a courtesan?
  6. Why do you play? What is your dream?

I have set aside hour long time slots, if you only want to do the 6 questions, we won’t likely use all of our time and that’s perfectly fine. If you’d like a whole hour, here are some other ideas that would be amazing:

  • Bring your Patron/s or Tullian/s and I can interview you about how you met and what your courtesan relationship means to you. I will also ask your entourage a shorter version of ‘The Questions’ to get to know them.
  • Bring some other members of your local courtesan group, no matter how formal or informal. I would love to hear about what you are doing in your neck of the woods, and our listeners would as well.
  • Pimp the amazing online and digital work you have been doing to support #SCAfromHome, talk about how the pandemic has effected our club and the beautiful ways our community has come forward to help each other stay sane in These Trying Times(TM).
  • Tell us about your favorite era, area of study, or pet rabbit hole. Convince us to fall in love by telling us why you love it! Passion is contagious.
  • Share an event that went off really well, including getting into the nuts and bolts of how to organize and make it a success.
  • Come with a few ideas for our Celebrity Objectification Challenge, where we ogle attractive celebrities and discuss what kind of historical garb we would like to see them in (and out of). Alternately sexy historical figures in clothes from a different era than the one they are from.
  • An adaptation of one of your classes for audio or discussion format.
  • I’m open to your ideas, toss them at me!

But I don’t have any recording gear?

Good news! You don’t need any. If you can Zoom you can participate! We’re using some of Zoom’s native functions to make this possible. The only other thing you need is headphones or ear buds to avoid echo during the interview.

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Ok, how do I do this?

Pick out a time slot and give me an idea of what you want to do with the form to the right. I’ll get back to you and let you know when I’ve gotten your booking. We’ll develop a script outline so we both know what to expect when we get started on August 7th. So:

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Watch your email.
  3. Respond to my reply when you get it.
  4. Arrive on time for your time slot on Friday 8/7/20.
  5. Headphones or earbuds on.
  6. ENJOY YOURSELF. Making the podcast is really as fun as it sounds.
  7. Send your local recording of your half of the interview to whorestoculture@gmail.com
  8. Tell all your friends about your episode when it comes out!

Spread the lust!

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