The Courtesan Queen

Courtesan Queen of the East Kingdom SCA

A lovely evening catching up with the SCA’s first Courtesan Queen, Her Majesty of the East Kingdom, Fortune St. Keyne.

Join us to learn more about the ins and outs of ruling in the SCA, crown tourneys, and doing it for the people. Get to know the illustrious Fortune St. Keyne, and get the inside skinny on His Majesty of the East, her King.

Show Notes

The Company of the Sable Domino (The Velvet Mask), East Kingdom Courtesans would love to see you in their facebook group if you’re interested in the KWC and living in the East Kingdom.

Part of the reason notes are so brief is that I’m off to war again. This time it is Calontir’s annual war, War of the Lilies. This was the first war I ever attended as a teenaged SCAdian, and I’m so excited to get to go again.

Dangerous Beauty, of course, is a huge inspiration to many KWC members.

Watch it now on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Lady Lalita Dasa portrays an Indian courtesan called a Ganika. She was one of the early pioneers of portraying sex worker personas in the SCA, and another huge inspiration to many of us.

Dr. Lucy Worsley’s Tales from the Royal Bedchamber details the perks of being a royal attendant, including the lesser nobility who would compete for the opportunity to help their monarchs in the loo.

To my great sadness I was not able to find a video online of Queen Fortune’s entrance into court on the gondola, but believe us it was awesome.

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Episode Credits

Mastermind: Evanne Floyd (Lucretia Lepida/Gwlados Vachan)
Sound Engineering: Wyatt Lee Updyke
Script Manager: Kate DuVall (Sophia Berkeley)

  • Intro Music: The King of Denmark’s Galliard, written by John Dowland and published in 1604 in Lachrimæ, or Seaven Teares. Perfomed by I Solipsisti. Provided by MusOpen. Sounds provided by ZapSplat and AmbientMixer.

Podcast ambience provided by ZapSplat and Tabletop Audio.

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