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a modern bard and a patron of courtesans

This week we sit down with Lord Gideon ap Stephen from the Knowne World Bardcast to learn more about the power of patrons and bards, and how both can use their powers for good.

We get back together for an amazing take two of our conversation and it does not disappoint. Lord Gideon shares his thoughts on bardic arts, self-expression, the importance of using your privilege for good, suggestions on how to do that in the SCA, his experiences fighting predators in the Kingdom of Atlantia, and the life experiences that have honed his bardic skills. Then we move the conversation along to his perspective on being a Patron and his relationship with his courtesan companion Lady Héloise de Bruyères. If you’ve ever wanted to create something, particularly to express yourself, Lord Gideon has some advice for you that you simply cannot miss. Information about KWC activities at War of the Wings, 10/17-21, Booneville NC and a call for courtesans planning to attend Gulf Wars, 3/9-16, Lumberton, MS, to join us for the first ever Courtesan’s Ball, Tuesday, March 12, 9 PM-Midnight.

Show Notes

Our amazing guest today, Lord Gideon ap Stephen, teacher, creator, and SCA bard. Lord Gideon produces the Knowne World Bardcast, a podcast that shares the bardic arts of the modern middle ages with the modern world of the internet.

The amazing Lanea Verch Kerrigan, an early period bard in the SCA, a moving performer, an inspiring presence, and constant enemy of Rome.

Baroness Maol Mide ingen Medra’s essay on the dangers of tolerating the intolerable as an expression of courtesy that Gideon mentions in our discussion.

CONTENT WARNING: This story is exactly as upsetting as it sounds.
The “Breendoggle”, more accurately described as “That One Time People Just Felt Awkward About An Open Pedophile Instead of Calling the Police, For Years”. It was such a big deal in the infancy of so many different fandom communities that it has its own wiki.

CONTENT WARNING: This story is exactly as upsetting as it sounds.
The criminal that led to the “The Lawsuit” that found the SCA liable for not doing enough to prevent sexual predators in the organization. The SCA now requires background checks for all Youth & Children’s Ministers, but is that enough?

Learn more about the poetry of medieval Wales and the important role that bards and poets had in that society. At various times, the tiny country of Wales was divided into a multitude of smaller countries, at one point numbering as many as 12. Kings competed fiercely to attract the best poets to their lands, that they might sing the monarch’s praises to all their enemies. A viral ditty or two could cement your reputation with the people for decades if not longer. In this climate the Eisteddfod, the world’s oldest arts festival, was conceived in the 12 c, allowing the competitors to win chairs for their artistry, a very high status item in those days.

Welsh poets believed in a sacred force of inspiration called awen, which can at times be personified by the goddess Awen.

Lord Gideon ap Stephen’s first offering to the Knowne World Courtesans, his 7 Deadly Sonnets.

Sheet music is available on Lord Gideon’s website if you’d like to add this song to your arsenal.

Interested in becoming a Patron? Read more about it in the Patron’s Guide on the official Knowne World Courtesan’s website.

If you’ve been inspired to dig in to the bardic arts, DO IT! Here are some resources for you as you start on your bardic journey. May the road be just challenging enough to keep you paying attention.

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