Courtesan Education & Reclaiming the SCA *CONTENT WARNING*

surviving sexual assault

This week we introduce you to the inspiring Lady Ciana Scholari diPolcenigo of Northshield. She shares her love of medieval aphrodisiacs, being a fighter’s consort, and perspectives on the SCA as someone who has been playing since age 11.

Learn more about Ciana’s persona story and it’s roots in her real life childhood in Italy. We discuss the fighter/consort relationship, along with the apprentice/Laurel relationship, and the courtesan/patron relationship; examining these vital SCA relationships and what they mean to us in the society. Ciana shares her love of matchmaking and her various efforts to do just that. We dig into some heavier topics and talk about how she has found an empowering reclaiming of her sexuality and safety in the SCA after being raped in the society as a teenager. Plus, why your chapter should make sure to have at least a few demos at libraries.


Show Notes

Lady Ciana Scholari diPolcenigo studies medieval medicine and other courtly arts.

She is one of the primary movers and shakers in the Northshield Courtesans, the Company of the Aurora Borealis.

The Trotula was a widely circulated text on women’s health between the 12th century and the Victorian era. It includes a plethora of fascinating recipes, including cosmetics, aphrodisiacs, medicinals, charms, and tricks to feign virginity.

If you’d like to find a fighter or a consort, join Lady Ciana’s Fighters & Consorts group and post about what you’re looking for, or take a list at the posts that have already been made from your area.

Awards recommendations from the populace are the lifeblood of a good royal court. You know there’s someone who has been working tirelessly in your local group. Write in for them, they deserve to have a special day in court.

Aethelmearc –  AnsteorraAn TirAtenveldtAtlantiaAvacalCaidCalontirEastGleann AbhannMeridiesNorthshieldOutlandsTrimarisWest

This basic description of the society wide Orders of Peerages are available on the main SCA website. The Kingdom of Avacal has a useful description of the Knight/Squire, Laurel/Apprentice, Pelican/Protege, Master of Defense/Provost relationship. An SCA specific relationship that is as or more long lasting than marriage.

The Patron’s Guide is a good starting point for understanding the nature of patron/courtesan relationships in the Knowne World Courtesans.


Are you looking for a match, lovelies? Lady Ciana is ready to help.



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Episode Credits

Sound Engineering: Evan Meier

  • Intro Music: The King of Denmark’s Galliard, written by John Dowland and published in 1604 in Lachrimæ, or Seaven Teares. Performed by I Solipsisti. Provided by MusOpen. Sounds provided by ZapSplat and AmbientMixer.

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