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“Dexterity plus Linguistics, let’s go!”

Some fun “geek crossover” with another favorite role-playing game of many SCAdians: Dungeons and Dragons. My guest today, along with tons of other historical reenactors got started with this classic table top game. I have Lord Rurik Ulfhammer of House Stormborn over to discuss playing a sex worker in the fantasy world of D&D. Among other intriguing things…This discussion, like Lord Rurik’s beard, is not to be missed.

Show Notes

If you’re interested in learning more about Rurik’s journey into the 10th c Kievan Norse culture his blog is fascinating and well sourced. Some recent posts we discussed on the podcast are his exploration of Skaldic poetry and an in depth discussion of women’s rights in Viking society.

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Lagertha is a real legendary badass. Yes, real and legendary. She’s played by Canadian actor, director, and producer Katheryn Winnick.

If you’d like to support my research into creating a historically inspired beauty routine with affordable modern products and simple things you can whip up, paypal your contributions to

The Kievan Rus are a fascinating culture that is all too often overlooked in our study of history. Understanding it sheds light on the current cultural situation in Russia and Ukraine. Learning more about how Ukraine is the cradle of Rus culture, I hope, makes Putin rly mad. Jerk. I hope you’ll join me in nerding out about the Kievan Rus and remembering to properly refer to Ukraine, Crimea, and #theRussia.

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The Favorite is not a particularly accurate historical movie. It takes quite a few liberties with the broad outlines of accepted history, but it is an excellent portrayal of the story of women vying for power through intimacy with a very real, very human, monarch. A few centuries post period in the 18th century, but a great movie.

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The official D&D 5e page, basic rules and character creation available online, and for good measure, a 5e D&D wiki. If you want to talk, of course there’s a reddit D&D group.

Learn more about Hrothsvitha, a nun from the 10th c who wrote many plays and other works in spite of her gender.

An interesting article discussing gender and racial bias in gaming.

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Mastermind: Evanne Floyd (Lucretia Lepida/Gwlados Vachan)

Sound Editing: Wyatt Updyke

Script Manager: Kate DuVall (Sophia Berkeley)

Intro Music: The King of Denmark’s Galliard, written by John Dowland and published in 1604 in Lachrimæ, or Seaven Teares. Performed by I Solipsisti. Provided by MusOpen. Sounds provided by ZapSplat and AmbientMixer.

Outro Music: Mistress Nichol’s Almand, written by John Dowland and published in 1604 in Lachrimæ, or Seaven Teares. Performed by I Solipsisti. Provided by MusOpen.

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