The Big Ol’ Boob Episode

history of breasts in european history

Humans owe a lot to breasts. Have these jiggly, wiggly bits of flesh always held such allure, and induced such revulsion? Is it human nature to be obsessed with breasts? The answer will surprise you.

An episode several months in the making, Justina and I hope you enjoy this laughter filled conversation on the influence of the breast on European history, culture, fashion, and even- architecture? You’re have to listen to find out how, and to learn about how embracing her courtesan persona has helped Signora Justina gain control over the way she is sexually objectified by others. Quite a paradox!

Show Notes

This episode has been delayed a bit by complications from Hurricane Dorian, and I do hope you’ll enjoy the show notes written up by Signora Justina.

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast, Merril D. Smith: Available on Google Books

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Researchers find evidence of breast cancer in Renaissance paintings

“The Night,” Michele di Rodolfo del Ghirlandaio, oil on panel, Galleria Colonna, Rome, Italy (The Lancet Oncology, Bianucci, et al)

Michelangelo’s drawing on the left, Ghirlandaio’s Ideal Head “Zenobia” on the right

Underbust Gowns in Italy:

Giacomo Franco, 1609: Dress of Dogaressa and Ladies [from Habiti d’huomeni et donne venetiane]

‘Mores Italiae,’ 1575

Unknown Artist, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University

Padua, The Republic of Venice

Hoysaleswara temple, also referred simply as the Halebidu temple.

Hapi, God of the Nile

Ponte Della Tette (Bridge of Tits)
Fontana Della Tette (Fountain of Tits)

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Episode Credits

Mastermind: Evan Meier (Lucretia Lepida/Gwlados Vachan)

Sound Editing: Wyatt Updyke

Script Manager: Kate DuVall (Sophia Berkeley)

  • Intro Music: The King of Denmark’s Galliard, written by John Dowland and published in 1604 in Lachrimæ, or Seaven Teares. Perfomed by I Solipsisti. Provided by MusOpen. Sounds provided by ZapSplat and AmbientMixer.
  • Outro Music:  Mistress Nichol’s Almand, written by John Dowland and published in 1604 in Lachrimæ, or Seaven Teares. Performed by I Solipsisti. Provided by MusOpen

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